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Hybrid Sign System


Hybrid Sign System


Hybrid | ˈhʌɪbrɪd | adjective: A combination of different elements with desirable characteristics.

Hybrid from Signbox is a premium modular outdoor sign system that combines the relentlessly durable and sustainable qualities of exterior-grade bamboo with powerful materials, such as stainless steel, glass and LED illumination, that bring both sign scheme and setting to life.

Engineered with components that are tailored from the ground up to support single post, twin post or bamboo beam structures, Signbox Hybrid is a fusion of elegant, yet hardworking materials and an aesthetically-pleasing, versatile system design. Supporting panels of painted exterior grade MDF, recycled PVC, toughened glass or aluminium, with a series of precision engineered, stainless steel tamper proof fixings.

Hybrid sets the scene. Effortlessly.

Easy to design and with seamless, step-by-step installation, Hybrid creates groundbreaking impact and effects that blend with the environment – effortlessly.

Its graceful lines and nature-rich components make Hybrid the perfect modular sign system for discerning environments from landmark commercial buildings, hotels and hospitality areas to woodland settings, school and university campuses and ecologically-conscious public spaces.

The beauty of bamboo

Bamboo isn’t just beautiful – it’s stable, economical and remarkably sustainable. It’s the fastest growing plant in the world and serves as the green, carbon-negative alternative to scarce hardwoods and even non-renewable resources from concrete and metals to plastics like PVC.Bamboo is also incredibly tough – with a weather resistance that will out-perform the best quality tropical hardwoods, bamboo has the perfect ecological credentials for exterior signage solutions that need to stay looking good for years.

For more information about Hybrid, talk to Signbox.


Visit Website: www.signbox.co.uk

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