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Indoor climate specification made simple with the new online Zehnder Product Selector


Zehnder, Europe’s leading manufacturer and supplier of indoor climate solutions for commercial and industrial buildings launches a new product filtering system to assist architects, designers and engineers in the selection of Zehnder products.

Now available online, the new, easy to use Zehnder Product Selector is a logical complement to their downloadable BIM components as it enables users to quickly determine which Zehnder products meet their individual project needs.

After selecting the type of building you are working on, the system takes you through a series of questions to establish any specific requirements you may have relevant to your building type; i.e. acoustic performance, anti-bacterial coating, low system temperature, or wall or ceiling installation. Once all the questions are answered the system provides a final list of suitable Zehnder products, for which technical information and BIM components can be downloaded and used within your design.

An invaluable tool for anyone involved in the specification of indoor climate systems, the Zehnder Product Selector ensures the complete range of Zehnder products is taken into consideration when specifying a suitable solution for your project.

Find the best indoor climate solution for your project today by using the Zehnder Product Selector at www.zehnderproductselector.co.uk

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