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Introducing a revolutionary dry tiling system


Solus Ceramics introduces the revolutionary recyclable Dry Fit System, a flooring solution that can be laid without grout or adhesive and moved or replaced with ease.

The system, which is made up of interlocking modified flexible polymer tile holders, can be laid on almost any flat surface including previously tiled areas.

Once an area has been covered with the Dry Fit System, tiles can then be placed into the tile holders.

Dry-Fit-System-2_1Featuring built-in plastic grout lines and a resistant bed, tiles are locked into place without the need for adhesive products and grout.

The UK made and distributed flooring solution, is manufactured from 25% recycled content and is 100% recyclable. It offers excellent green credentials as it allows clients to re-use the tile and the system separately or together again. It is also very easy to replace damaged tiles or change an entire floor to an alternative tile quickly.

This innovative product has been designed to house 596x596mm sized tiles, but can be cut to accommodate irregularities such as pillars, walls and other obstructions.

The unique product has been developed and rigorously tested by Solus Ceramics to provide an alternative to traditional tiling. Dry Fit System has excellent extreme temperature behaviour, it is flexible, it returns to shape if twisted, is food area approved and is none corrosive.

Dry-Fit-System-3_1This system will allow quicker fixing capabilities and less down time for the end user than traditional tiling. This may assist commercial businesses that cannot accommodate a long shut down period such as shops and restaurants reducing lost revenue.

Finally the system can be order in a number of colours, which allows the client to choose a desired grout colour.

For more information contact a member of the Solus Ceramics sales team.

T: 0121 753 0777
E: sales@solusceramics.com
W: www.solusceramics.com