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Drainage & Plumbing

Tectite Flexible Metal System – A Plumbing Revolution by Pegler Yorkshire


Leading plumbing products and systems manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire has launched the future in domestic plumbing for the UK! The company has drawn on 125 years of British manufacturing to create the unique Tectite Flexible Metal system, a product like no other on the market.

Tectite utilises multi-layer composite pipe (MLCP) tubing, which is constructed using a thin layer of aluminium flanked by cross-linked polyethylene, an environmentally friendly, industrial-strength plastic.

This offers installers and specifiers the perfect balance between the integrity of metal and the flexibility of plastic. Indeed, Tectite is malleable enough to be shaped by hand, yet it is more resistant to warping than plastic piping, and it can handle temperatures of more than 100°C and working pressures up to 16 bar.

Designed for installation alongside the high-performance metal push-fit fittings range from Pegler Yorkshire, jointing does not require any expensive tooling – and is twice as quick as the capillary method, thanks to the use of pre-lubricated seals.

“Multi-layer pipe has not been manufactured in UK metric sizes until now,” says Aaron Carter, Tectite’s Marketing Manager.

“The Tectite brand by Pegler Yorkshire has finally made the technology available to the UK installer. What all this adds up to is a high-performance, flexible system that offers a long working life, greatly reduced system noise and a swift, efficient installation.”

Available in two sizes, 15mm and 22mm, the Tectite Flexible Metal system is the perfect solution for plumbing professionals everywhere.

Pegler Yorkshire has based the Tectite Flexible Metal System around the Tectite Classic and Pro ranges which provide a slim-line, stiff and reliable joint incorporating a demountable function. The company has incorporated a growing valve portfolio which ensures the system provides the domestic installer with all the quality and breadth of range, long associated with the manufacturer. This range includes unique ball valves, push-fit Terrier TRV’s, Tectite thermostatic mixing valves and a host of other controls up to and including advanced differential pressure control valves.