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Floors & Flooring

Jesmond Gardens Primary School, Hartlepool


Two wood flooring products, from Kährs award-winning range, have been installed at Jesmond Gardens Primary School. Designed by ADP for Hartlepool Borough Council, Jesmond Gardens is a new 2,055m² school designed around principles of transformational learning. Kährs Oak Siena and Reflex Oak Activity Floor, by Kährs were specified and installed, by Reflex Sports, throughout the main hall and open plan ‘class bases’.

Jesmond Gardens is a bold and highly creative response, which encourages the use of personalised, independent learning approaches. ADP’s design incorporates a common central hub and flexible class bases, with dividing acoustic curtains. Abundant natural daylight, along with modern, quality furnishings and Kährs tactile wood flooring provide a fluid, welcoming and airy learning environment.

Each Kährs product was chosen for its specific performance features. Reflex Oak Activity is a DIN and EN compliant sports floor that has integral shock-absorption and reinforcement properties and which features Kährs glueless Woodloc® joint. The FSC-mix boards were installed directly onto the school hall’s subfloor, eliminating the need for additional battens and fittings. Kährs Oak Siena, which was laid throughout the central hub and class bases, is a three-strip wood floor with an even grain and a durable satin lacquer prefinish. It features an eco-friendly multi-layered construction, which provides enhanced stability as well as additional acoustic benefits.