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The Laundry Ladder – a stylish new wall hanging clothes airer.  Many people today prefer to air-dry their washing as it’s better for the environment, kinder to their clothes and can save them money.  Aesthetically pleasing it’s perfect for a utility or laundry room however, the Laundry Ladder can turn any area no matter how small into a functional drying space. The front frame pulleys up and down allowing easy access at all times even when fully loaded with washing.  Hanging on the wall ready to use keeps your washing up of the floor and out of the way.  Strong and stable available in English Ash or Pine either natural or painted white, this is a very attractive and functional addition to any home.   The Laundry Ladder is so versatile with a second set of wall brackets located outside this clever indoor airer can also be used as an outdoor airer on those sunny days.

logoThe Laundry Ladder clothes airer delivers overwhelming style and practicality as a solution to any property development in 2017.

Visit our website for more information regarding this innovative product www.juluhome.co.uk or call us on 033 022 32 855.

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