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Kalzip ‘Foldables’ recertified by BBA


Kalzip has successfully retained BBA Certification (Certificate No 08/4571) for its ‘Foldable’ and roll formed aluminium building materials – Falzinc, Dark Falzinc and AluPlusZinc. With a minimum life expectancy of at least 40 years, these lightweight, low maintenance and sustainable materials are malleable, incredibly strong and easy to install by competent skilled workers.

The materials are manufactured using a core of saline-resistant aluminium alloy electroplated on both sides with a thin layer of zinc and phosphate treated. This unique PEGAL process is patented by Kalzip and provides the materials with all the performance benefits of aluminium combined with the highly distinctive, aesthetic appeal of zinc. The combination of a zinc surface on an aluminium substrate eliminates most of the corrosion problems associated with zinc and allows simpler, more economic roof constructions to be achieved.

Falzinc (pictured) is an extremely cost-effective aluminium building material that is suitable for use on virtually any fully supported roofing, façade and soffit application where a traditional metallic appearance is desired. Lightweight and strong yet easy to fold, Falzinc is used for forming into panels or roll forming into raised seam sheets, flashings and trims – these raised seams can be specified to run horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Importantly, the material’s flexibility also allows it to be laid to a smooth curve which offers architects endless creative design possibilities for contemporary new build applications and tremendous scope when used for renovation projects.

Dark Falzinc is a recent addition to the Kalzip range of ‘Foldable’ aluminium building materials – its beautifully elegant slate grey finish makes it ideal for use in matching or contrasting with other materials in conservation areas and environmentally sensitive rural locations.

Kalzip ‘Foldable’ aluminium materials are supplied by weight to specialist approved contractors in 600mm and 670mm width coils and in material thicknesses of 0.7mm and 1.0mm. They are also available in flat sheet form in lengths of up to 3 metres.

Like Falzinc, AluPlusZinc has the distinctive appeal of pre-weathered zinc but is supplied in a range of high-strength alloys and tempers for use in the manufacture of self-supporting roofing and cladding sheets such as the Kalzip standing seam system (see BBA Certificate No 98/3481) along with fabricated flashings and trims.