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Keir Hardie Health Park, South Wales


Alumasc’s  Swisrail External Wall Insulation (EWI) system has provided an NHBC approved  facade solution for the new Keir Hardie Health Park in South Wales.    Designed  by the Bristol studio of architects BDP, the health park in Merthyr Tydfil is  scheduled to open to the public in September 2012 and will be the first of its  kind in the UK, bringing together GP and primary care services, outpatient  clinics, therapies, mental health services and social care on one site. 

Swisrail is a flexible,  ventilated system which was ideal for application onto the complex detail of  the scheme’s design.  Alumasc’s approved contractors the Joyner PA Cymru  Ltd installed the EWI system comprising 150mm of mineral wool insulation over a  lightweight steel frame. The render finish specified was Silkolitt silicone  render in a white, rolled texture to complement the building’s contemporary,  clean lines. The installation has resulted in the building achieving an  impressive U-value of 0.21W/Km2.

Swisrail is a thin coat insulated  render system specifically designed for use on framed buildings subject to NHBC  approval.  It incorporates a system of steel rails and channels to provide  a 25mm drained cavity between the insulation and framed structure which exceeds  the minimum NHBC requirement of 15mm.

The insulation slabs are faced  with a durable, decorative top-coat; Silicone Render is used for enhanced  overall performance, with Mineral Render available as the eco-friendly option.  Both finishes can be applied with rolled surface texture, in a wide range of  colours.

Whilst fully weather resistant, Swisrail remains  vapour permeable and allows the fabric of the building to act as a heat store,  increasing thermal efficiency and eliminating cold bridging, condensation and  mould growth. The render finish protects the structural fabric and is resistant  to impact damage.