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Keylite Futuretherm Roof Window: Designed to meet the needs of Architects


The new Keylite Futuretherm roof window range represents a significant investment in research and development, and is 100% focused on innovation in order to deliver improved performance and greatly simplified installation.

These developments come in response to the industry’s drive towards a fabric-first approach, and provide practical, energy efficient solutions, capable of delivering the natural light that architects seek when designing projects for modern living.

The new Keylite Futuretherm roof windows range introduces a number of new and innovative features, all designed to take into account the needs of the modern house builder, in terms of offering a much improved aesthetic appearance, as well as greatly enhanced in-the-roof thermal efficiencies.

Futuretherm innovations are marketed under the Fit Faster, Fit Lower, Fit Warmer headings, because it is in each of these three key areas that the window provides a number of unique innovations:
Faster – Flick Fit brackets, Click Fit hood & Cover Flashings, and Integrated Thermal Collar
Lower – Recessed Fit and Low Profile hood
Warmer – Integrated Thermal Collar, Warm Edge Glazing
The new window’s key innovation comes in the form of a unique Integrated Thermal Collar, which is pre-fitted to the frame, as standard. By simply pulling the release tape – positioned around the frame – the insulation collar expands, closing the gap between the window frame and the roof, and providing an effective barrier against heat loss and the effects of cold bridging. This contributes to improved overall roof performance, thereby reducing potential issues such as condensation.

This new pre-installed Integrated Thermal Collar also removes a potential point of failure in the overall thermal performance of the roof, by avoiding the need for secondary components – including a separate thermal collar – which other roof windows require. This ensures that every Keylite Futuretherm roof window installation offers outstanding insulation performance every time.

Finally, all glazing is now upgraded to Warm Edge, as standard, providing added protection against condensation and once again, ensuring a better in the roof thermal performance.


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