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Knauf AMF acoustic solutions for feel-good rooms


Knauf AMF Ceilings is pleased to offer Heradesign, an exciting range of wood wool ceilings that deliver quality acoustics with an exceptional appearance. High impact resistance and outstanding sound absorption values make Heradesign an ideal choice for education, sports halls, hotels and leisure facilities.

Knauf owns and operates a state of the art wood wool factory to manufacture Heradesign products, offering architects and interior designers a genuinely unique product with which to create stunning and memorable interiors.

The stable surface structure is perfectly suited for creative design and colouring, and an almost unlimited range of colours is available – practically every tone from popular systems such as RAL, NCS, BS or StoColor can be chosen.

Panels can be suspended in a traditional ceiling, or used as a ceiling raft for areas where additional acoustic control is required, or where a suspended ceiling isn’t practical. Individual panels can also be hung as baffles, or even wall mounted, offering a truly flexible design solution with almost limitless possibilities.

Different thicknesses of wood wool fibres give a distinctive surface finish to each panel in the range, with fibres ranging from just 1mm thick in Heradesign Superfine to 3mm in Heradesign Macro.

Each panel is made using sustainable materials and technologies, including wood from PEFC certified sources. They contribute to a healthier indoor environment with no harmful emissions or other components that could cause harm to the health of the building or its occupants. Combined with outstanding sound absorption values, Heradesign makes an essential contribution to the overall ambience of any room, promoting a sense of well-being and improving concentration, efficiency and performance.

Visit www.heradesign.co.uk for further information and reference projects, or call Knauf AMF Ceilings on 020 8892 3216 for samples and technical advice.