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BISEWI LTD, Major Insulation Installers in Scotland, are working with Scottish Gas on Grant Aided Insulation to older homes lacking the necessary insulation values and have chosen Royalcrest Vinyl Cladding as the preferred exterior.

Director Eddie Dawson, stated that aesthetically and technically he felt it was better than other similar looking products.   It is more robust whilst  being much lighter which is an important factor.   Vinyl Cladding can be installed easily by one operative and has a unique moisture release system which allows for application in any weather, will not crack or stain, does not cover workers in dust when being cut, and requires no joining strips, so no setting out or caulking is required.    It is also one of the most environmentally sound products on the Market according to the Vinyl Siding Institute of North America where it is a Premier Building Product.   Throughout the manufacturing process, on the home and even after it has fulfilled its useful life, Vinyl scores well on tough environmental tests.   Vinyl Cladding is friendlier to the environment when considering factors such as air pollution caused by production, fossil fuel depletion and global warming impact.

Vinyl requires no staining or painting over its whole life, is fully recyclable and is guaranteed for FIFTY YEARS.

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