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Currently celebrating its first year being imported into the UK, Maruyama’s power tools have performed well at trials carried out by Eastleigh Borough Council, Hampshire resulting in a vote of confidence in the shape of an order! The distribution of Maruyama in the UK is handled by Leicestershire-based importer DMMP. 

The Maruyama range includes trimmers and brush cutters, multicutter systems, edgers, blowers, hedge trimmers and accessories but it was the Maruyama Multi-Cutter with Landscape Blade and the new Maruyama Brush Cutter BC-V Plus which were tested.

“The trials were carried out in the growing season of 2012,” explains DMMP Commercial Director Colin Hood. “We were delighted that Eastleigh Borough Council ran these trials as they provide us with valuable feedback from experienced users.”

The Maruyama Multi-Cutter with Landscape Blade was used around housing estates, roadsides and residents gardens. As flying debris from ordinary blades can result in broken windows and damaged cars, DMMP were pleased to hear that there was no damage and therefore no claims made against the council. “Damage to vehicles and property is a problem whether you are working along a road or round a leading golf course so we were pleased to hear that our blades eliminated flying debris,” continues Colin.  An added bonus reported by the trial was as well as stopping debris, stones and grass becoming airborne, the Maruyama product also kept dog faeces on the ground and not in the face of the operator! A reduction in ‘down time’ spent loading nylon cord and brush cutter heads was also reported. Eastleigh Borough Council have since ordered a number of Maruyama Multi-Cutters with the Landscape Blade.

The  Maruyama Brush Cutter BC-V Plus is new to the UK this season, and has only just joined the DMMP stable. In the trials, the operators liked the big harness which they found comfortable and found it better balanced than its competitors.  The trial also concluded that the Brush Cutter BC-V was quieter, and the operator felt less vibration through the handlebars. Starting from either a hot and cold engine was declared reliable and good.

This has been a useful trial concludes Colin: “The Maruyama products are imported by us fully tested and with excellent performance histories, but it is good to get the British perspective. We’ll continue to invest time and money into gaining feedback this way. It also gives UK buyers confidence to see other people’s opinions.”

Maruyama products have been made in Japan since 1895, with a reputation for extraordinary quality, rugged durability and superior performance they are often described as  ‘tools designed to earn a living’.  Maruyama began as a family business making fire extinguishers. Manual sprayers joined the production line in 1918. Development of a power sprayer in 1933 meant that Maruyama played an important role in disaster control and prevention as well as food production in the agricultural industry during the post-depression years. Today Masanobu Ogashira continues the commitment that began with three generations of the Uchiyama family. Maruyama has joined DMMP’s stable of top quality imported products including Chapin, EarthWay and PolyWood.

For more information about Maruyama, please contact Colin Hood at DMMP Limited on 0845 643 9776 or visit www.dmmp.co.uk