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Larix medium gold lamp


Larix medium gold lamp is meant primarily for ambient lighting. It decorates the space with mild lighting and rich design. It radiates warmth, softness and gives the room a special silky note. The lamp is interesting in terms of design as well as materials and techniques we use. Techniques such as weaving, gilding and hand-painting, give our products a special note.

The lamp is made entirely of natural materials as wood and silk.The wooden parts of the lamp are made of solid beech wood, coated with water-soluble acrylics with natural pigments and decorated with oil paints and a pure gold coating.

The painter  hand-paints decorative elements with oil paints. The production of the lamp is completed by the restorer by hand application of gilding paste – a paste with fine particles of gold.

The base for the shade is high quality silk, to which decorative patterns and shapes are machine-embroidered. The master of embroidery has developed the technology to such an extent that needle stitches imitate hand embroidery, which is also evident when looking closely at the embroidery.

Lastly, the master stretches the silk over the metal frame and sews upholstery strips to the edges.

The shade is made of high quality silk, embroidered with colorful decorative shapes.