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Livingstone Intelligent Natural Stone Heating


Recyclable, Sustainable, Eco-Design is really upsetting the applecart with a Carbon Zero heating system.

Made from reconstituted marble using a Patented agglomerating water inside WARMSTONE TEXTURED RADIATORS  that deliver RADIANT HEAT in a choice of 24 natural stone colours and textures.

Fully compatible with Photovoltaic Panels. Livingstone® designer radiators range is designed specifically to be used with renewable energy sources, specifically beautifully designed to replace the bulky, inefficient and poor control of outdated storage heaters and panel heaters.

Fully compatible with Photovoltaic Panels.

Livingstone® designer radiators range are designed specifically to be used with renewable energy sources. It uses clean, free energy electricity from any photovoltaic solar system. All the Designer electric radiators in the Livingstone Heating ® range include an accurate digital room thermostat – programmer that can be scheduled weekly, for every 24 hours in a day. This intelligent thermostat adjusts the temperature (within a 1/10 of a degree) for the best comfort, and automatically can use energy from the photovoltaic system when it is available. The intelligent thermostat has an input cable that receives information when the system is producing sufficient energy. Easy to install with a standard 3 pins plug.

Interior Designers and Architects are going mad for it…

That means they are specifying it in new builds, and we are receiving enquiries DAILY from all areas of the UK. Livingstone® designer electric radiators can be installed anywhere in a few minutes, Homes, Offices, Church, Bars, Hotels, Conversions, Flats, Shops, Holiday homes, Period Property. The designer heater is securely fixed to the wall with two patented brackets, and the energy is received from the electrical power supply by connecting the wires into a normal fuse spur or socket. Eco Heating, Energy & Design From £ 499 !

Learn more about the LIVINGSTONE® HEATING  Range, new Eco HEATING SOLUTIONS, including Easystone, Stripe, Gransasso, Venus, EcoDry, E-Touch. and Frosk

Have a Look at our incredible brand new Thermal Stone heating system just launched in the UK that is causing a revolution in the heating Industry


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