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Luxury, convenience, and sustainability: Insignia’s superb shower range


The design we love the most,”, says Leon, CEO of Insignia Showers, “is when clients send us photos of their showers placed in the centre of the bathroom”.


This bold approach of positioning your shower cabin as the centrepiece in your bathroom sounds like an avant-garde move only someone with a 7-digit income can afford. Yet, Insignia Showers has dared to make it possible for practically anyone living in the UK.

Hassle-free, Leak-free, and Stunning

When the owners of Insignia Showers began designing their products nearly 20 years ago, the focus was on creating showers that simplify re-making your bathroom without sacrificing style and wellbeing.


It’s safe to say they’ve achieved the objective. Why, you ask? Not only are all showers created with superb materials and following the strict design specs, but when you buy an Insignia shower you have a single cost. Nothing additional to spend, no additional time to waste. Just pick your preferred design, choose your size, and voila.


There are three key lines that you must know about.


The ECOnomy range

Free-standing shower cabins, which require no electricity, that can be placed practically anywhere in the room (so long as you can connect them to pipes), and bring you the superb leak-free design of Insignia for a starting price of £749.


The Enhanced Shower Cabins

Insignia’s Platinum and Premium ranges elevate the shower experience. Designed to please the eyes and make showering a bliss, Insignia’s showers offer advanced features like Leak-free tray design, chromatography, and full multimedia, allowing you to bring your favourite sounds along for your daily showers.


The Steam Showers

If you’ve ever thought you’d like to spend more time in the spa, but duty calls and makes it difficult, then perhaps this is the range for you. Packed with all the benefits of our Premium and Platinum Enclosed Showers, Insignia’s steam showers will make your skin glow and clear your mind in just 10 minutes a day.


And of course, there’s more

When you’re so good at something, you don’t stop with a single product. To complement their fabulous shower range, Insignia offer home saunas, shower cabins with a bathtub (and yes, it’s also a jetted whirlpool), steam generators, and more to help you turn your home into the only spa you’ll ever need.


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