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For over 140 years we are a leading international provider of advanced solutions to the civil, geotechnical and environmental construction markets. We deliver innovative, long-lasting and environmentally friendly solutions, from retaining walls to hydraulic works and from rockfall mitigation systems to soil reinforcement.

Drainage of Structures

The presence of water within soil of the ground adjacent to structures can cause numerous problems. Removing water from the soil with drainage systems is crucial, otherwise the ground could be weakened or could impose higher loads, altering the effectiveness of the structure. An adequate drainage system allows the ground to consolidate and perform better.

A properly designed drainage geocomposite can often replace the traditional gravel drains that are used behind retaining walls and other structures such as sheet pile and contiguous piled walls or the basement walls to buildings. Horizontal drainage is often required on sports pitches or other large areas exposed to the potential of high rainwater run-off.

Our design software supports our clients in the selection of the appropriate and more sustainable drainage system. Whether the drainage is vertical or horizontal, the range of MacDrain™ geocomposites are a cost-effective solution that also reduce the need for quarried materials and therefore polluting truck movements. In fact, our R&D campaign came to the conclusion that the use of MacDrain™ for horizontal drainage applications can lead to over 80% of material savings.

The construction of a simple system of rainwater drainage ditches and channels is often the most effective. These channels may be subject to erosion and should be lined or protected.

Maccaferri has developed MacDrain® TD, a product used within trench drains or to replace traditional gravel or shingle drainage materials. These modern drainage materials reduce the quarrying and transportation of gravels to the project site, limiting the environmental impact. Furthermore, being manufactured in quality-controlled factories and lab-tested, our drainage systems offer known drainage performance parameters, unlike traditional gravel drains.

Planar and horizontal drainage is a useful technique to consolidate soils weakened by the presence of water. Removing the water, by inserting a suitable drainage path can provide long-term improvements to that soil. Traditionally, drainage was provided by gravel or other natural materials. However, the long-term performance of gravels can be unknown or compromised.

Modern solutions and materials. The modern solution is to use a drainage geocomposite; MacDrain® drains fluids underground from one place to another. Geotextiles attached to the drainage core on one or both sides stop the materials or soils from being drained and as a result, potentially clogging the drainage core or collection pipes. They are designed to replace traditional drainage materials such as gravels and sands.

Our state of the art software for resolving water-management challenges. Using our state of the art design software, MacFLOW, we assist clients in overcoming their water-management problems, helping to consolidate soils, and reducing settlements. The best value solution should not only address technical and economic problems, but also the installation speed and efficiency.

The management of water from run-off, or from phreatic surfaces within the ground, is one of the most important aspects influencing the long-term performance of that structure.

The importance of managing water run-off. Excess or uncontrolled water within soils can weaken them, causing numerous problems. The management of water from run-off, or from phreatic surfaces within the ground, is one of the most important aspects influencing the long-term performance of that structure.

Unsuitability of traditional granular drainage systems. The importance of effective drainage behind structures (concrete retaining walls, contiguous piles, diaphragm walls and structures in contact with soil strata), and within slopes is well known, but is often overlooked. Traditional granular material drains are often installed, taking up unnecessary space and without a real understanding of their true drainage capability.

Our cost-effective, technically superior and more environmentally friendly solution

Our MacDrain® range of drainage geocomposites provides a cost-effective and technically superior alternative to traditional granular drains. MacDrain® introduces a free conduit for water flow from the adjacent soils. By reducing or entirely removing entirely the gravel drainage column, we reduce the quarrying and extraction of gravels and the truck movements required to bring them to the project site, improving the environmental benefits.

Identifying the appropriate course of action. The selection process begins with our design software, MacFLOW, to determine the expected water flow and loading conditions. Our manufacturing knowledge enables us to produce combinations of geotextiles and drainage core materials, with the aim of identifying the most appropriate product for the specific application, in order to optimise the technical and economic needs.

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