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Founded in 1997, MBS Survey Software Ltd is an independent company specialising in providing bespoke software, expert analysis and training for professionals within the built environment.The business employs a small and highly motivated team of software developers and analysts, led by Managing Director David Maltby and Software Director Jason Bird, both of whom have been with the company since its infancy and continue to play hands-on roles.

MBS Products include the best selling Waldram Tools for AutoCAD®; the recently developed Daylight for SketchUP®; and Surveying Software. The Revit plugin is also soon to be released.

These are enabling customers to carry out a range of tasks, quickly and efficiently, within a familiar and intuitive software environment. Tasks include:

  • Master planning
  • Facade analysis
  • Solar glare studies
  • BREEAM analysis
  • Transient shadow studies
  • Rays of light.

MBS supports its range of software solutions, with comprehensive training and information services designed to get the most from the software, as well as professional analysis, consultancy services and development of bespoke solutions.

The company can also provide Laser Scanning and 3D modelling services, in consultation with leading specialists in this field.

“MBS products are the most widely used software solutions of their kind in the UK and are increasingly used all over the world. They are fully in line not just with BRE guidelines and compliance tests, but also with the latest climate-based modelling.”

For further information about MBS Survey Software Limited and its range of products & services, please contact  David Maltby or Jason Bird, on 020 3176 0984.


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