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Timber & Timber Frames

Metsä Wood leads the way in timber engineering through BIM


In a first for the UK industry, leading timber solutions provider Metsä Wood is launching its BIM components in Revit. Organised into BIM families, the company’s key engineered wood product systems and solutions for construction and architecture are all represented.

The key driver of Metsä Wood’s BIM strategy is to facilitate the wider specification of engineered wood product systems and solutions by making them readily available to the architect, specifier and designer as free downloads from metsawood.co.uk or bimstore.co.uk. The following Metsä Wood EWP systems and solutions are available:

• Finnjoist and the Finnframe Floor System

• Kerto-Q and Kerto-S

• Leno – CLT

• LowE commercial wall system

• Kerto-Ripa

• FinnSOR Roof System

Metsä Wood vice president construction industry Kevin Riley says: “Many timber companies are talking about launching BIM families, but so far none have actually done so. We want to demonstrate our understanding of how BIM will become an integral part of the construction process from design through to delivery. Metsä Wood is positioning itself in the vanguard of technological innovation enabling timber structures to be designed using BIM. Metsä Wood has commissioned web based portal bimstore, the ‘iTunes of BIM components’, to create its BIM offering.

“By making systems, such as Kerto-Q for roof coverings and Low Energy wall panels, available as BIM components, we will further help introduce architects to the enormous flexibility and versatility our timber portfolio offers. Architects today are increasingly aware of BIM, 39% of the industry now use it compared with 10% in 2010*”.

Kevin adds: “The benefit of our partnership with bimstore is that its team has in-depth expertise and we are confident that the reach of its website will deliver the results that we are looking for, in terms of driving specifications for our engineered wood product systems and solutions.”