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Heating & Ventilation

New concealed air conditioning unit!


The high quality fan coil unit from Daikin is designed to be discretely concealed in the ceiling. Compact, it has improved efficiency and allows the adjustment of temperature and air humidity for maximum comfort.

Product Features
• Compact dimensions, can be mounted in a ceiling void of only 240mm
• Blends unobtrusively with any interior decor with only the suction and discharge grilles visible
• Low energy consumption thanks to DC fan motor
• Dry programme reduces the humidity levels in the room without temperature fluctuations
• Air filter removes airborne dust particles to ensure a steady supply of clean air
• F1, F2 (DIII net communication)
• Can be used with Sky Air twin / triple and quad

Compatible Controllers
• BRC1D52 – standard controller from Space Air
• BRCIE – simplified controller
• BRC2C51 – simplified controller
• BRC3A61 – remote control for hotel applications
• BRC4C65 – Infer Red Controller

If you would like further information please contact us on 0845 319 1980. Alternatively please view our website; www.spaceair.co.uk.