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Mira Jump Multi-fit takes on all-comers


In response to demand from installers for an even more versatile electric shower for the replacement market, Mira Showers – the UK’s leading manufacturer of showering products and accessories – has launched the next generation of Jump Multi-fit: its ultimately flexible electric shower which offers best in class features, great value for money and superb ‘installability’. 

By enhancing not only the shower ‘engine’ design, but also the casing and layout, Mira has produced a shower that is jam-packed with easy-to-fit features for installers; yet remains stylish, compact and rammed with appeal for consumers.

Mira2 Installers will more than appreciate the ease of installation now that the Jump Multi-fit has dual terminal blocks, accepts both left and right hand water and cable entry as standard; and has much more internal space in which to work. As a result it can be configured to replace – for most practical purposes – any electric shower currently installed because it offers a staggering total of three dozen permutations of cable and water entry installation points, whether left, right, top, bottom or rear!

The high aesthetic, seamless cover is moulded in a single piece with space for piping and can be cut to achieve the perfect flush fit to wall. Details such as the top fixing screw being positioned outside the seal, and three easily-reached slotted fixing holes also speed up installation, while the adjustable slide bar mountings can cover screw holes left by previous installations.

Mira3 Not only is the new Jump Multi-fit perfect for retrofit installations, it is also a fully-featured shower in its own right, providing the installer or consumer the chance to upgrade the showering experience. For the customer, the benefits of the upgraded Jump include an affordable shower that will outlast lesser competitive products and deliver a powerful, drenching shower while incorporating the latest in contemporary styling.

Jump Multi-fit also incorporates patented Clearscale™ technology which reduces limescale by up to 50%, and so prolongs shower life well beyond that of any opposition. The principle behind this is that the water is heated by two elements rather than one. These elements are twisted into a spiral so which gives the water has more space in which to circulate and leaves a larger gap between the element coils. As a result it is much, much harder for particles of limescale to settle and build up.

Mira4 The fascia has ‘Select & Forget’ controls with a push button start/stop, an Eco energy-saving power setting and comes complete with a four-mode full rub clean handset. Covered by a two year guarantee, the Jump Multi-fit electric shower is available in three power ratings: 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.8kW.


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