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Mobilane grows and manufactures interior and exterior greenery


Vertical Greenery for livable cities

Green in the built environment contributes in an important way to livable cities. We want to expand and green at the same time. Vertical green in the form of green facades and green walls is a space-saving and effective way of greening. Both indoor and outdoor buildings and on new and existing facades and walls.

Green facades

Living green fulfills multiple functions at the same time. Green living walls for example reduce heat and noise disturbance. In addition, it also has a positive effect on biodiversity and air quality. Green facades capture CO2 and retain air pollution. During different seasons, we enjoy flowers or beautiful autumn colors. Greenery provides living space and food to birds, insects and mammals. In addition, green has a value-enhancing effect on property.

Green Walls

Greenery also fulfills several dual functions indoor. It helps to improve air quality, to reduce stress and to enhance our concentration span. It also works revenue enhancing. We are more productive in a green environment and more satisfied about our workplace. Adding natural planting to any landscape, these green products improve air quality, aesthetic appeal and contribute positively to wellbeing through the calming effects that plants have been demonstrated to have on people.


Mobilane grows and manufactures interior and exterior greenery, including living walls, living art and planted room dividers. Our instant green hedges, green facades and green roofs are all grown by Mobilane. Read more about our green solutions on www.mobilane.co.uk or contact by mail office@mobilane.co.uk.

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