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Aluminium Driveway Gates


As modern materials replace traditional, it’s good to see something that’s been around for years as the first choice. Driveway gates made from aluminium are fast becoming the default option where wood is no longer considered good enough in the medium to long term.

Traditionally, wooden gates are the natural, beautiful choice for one of the first things your visitors see. But their value as a first impression diminishes significantly once wooden gates succumb to their inevitable decay. First, they lose their beautiful brown colouring and become grey. Water always gets into the structure and causes the wood to swell slightly. This stretches bolts through their holes as neighbouring sections push against each other. Once the weather becomes drier and warmer, the gates dry out and they shrink back to their original size. This reveals gaps between sections, and bolted joints become loose as the metalwork moves in their widened holes. Eventually, rot sets in and the gate sags on its hinges and drags along the driveway.

While the paint or varnish on wooden gates peels and flakes and the body succumbs to rot, aluminium gates stay looking as good as new for years. A tough outer coating protects the corrosion-resistant metal and gives it the colour and finish that perfectly mimics wood. Extruded aluminium lengths, designed to look like wooden sections, are assembled to complete the appearance of wooden gates that is so desired by homeowners.

Now, the wooden gate aesthetic can be experienced without the problems all wooden gate owners are so familiar with. Instead, aluminium gates deliver the wood-look driveway gate but need nothing more than an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to retain their original condition and appearance.

Aluminium is lighter than wood, can be made to imitate any style of wooden gates and is comparable in cost to a similar hardwood gate. During the lifetime of an aluminium gate, that comparable wooden gate will need regular and time-consuming maintenance. It will also need replacing at least once while the aluminium gate will still look as good as it did the day it was first hung at the end of your drive.

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