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Monitor room climate and heat quantities with test instruments from PCE Instruments


Under the brand name PCE Instruments, the privately owned company of the same name develops, manufactures and distributes powerful and innovative products in the fields of measurement, control, weighing and laboratory technology all over the world. The comprehensive range of services before and after purchase includes technical support, customer-specific development and configuration as well as calibration and repair.

Many people spend a major part of their time in buildings. These buildings are often heated or cooled for at least part of the year to achieve comfortable temperatures. In Europe, buildings are responsible for 40 % of energy consumption and 36 % of greenhouse emissions over their entire life cycle, according to the European Commission’s figures of February 2020. However, with appropriate user behaviour, energy-efficient building technology and refurbishment of existing buildings, comfortable temperatures can be achieved with far less energy consumption and pollutant emissions.

Recording room air parameters

Since the feel-good climate is determined not only by temperature but also by the humidity and the content of CO2 and pollutants, it makes sense to also record these values of indoor air quality and to use them as a basis for the frequency and timing of air exchange. PCE Instruments has a wide range of measuring instruments for continuous monitoring of room air parameters. Some of the air quality meters show the values directly on an easy to read display. If the values are too high, where air exchange is recommended, the user can react by opening the windows, for example. Other air quality meters can take a large number of readings and save them internally. These data loggers are often used for long-term recordings of climate data; for example, to track when humidity and air pollutants rise and whether the air exchange rate is set appropriately.

The multiple test instruments for indoor climate values do not only differ in terms of the parameters that can be recorded but also, for instance, in terms of measuring accuracy and battery life.

The new PCE-HT 70 from PCE Instruments is a long-term data logger for temperature and humidity. This compact thermo hygrometer in the size and shape of a USB pen drive can record data for 450 days at a recording interval of 15 minutes. You can therefore record temperature and humidity values for more than one year. Reading out the up to 16,000 measured values is very easy by plugging the data logger into a standard USB interface. The internal real-time clock with date allows the data to be assigned at a later date, for example in connection with events such as changes to settings on the heating or ventilation system. In the software, the measured values are displayed in chronological order not only in tabular form but also graphically, which simplifies data evaluation.

More relative humidity meters for various applications can be found here:


Control of the heat quantities in heating and cooling pipes

To evaluate the optimisation potential and the effectiveness of the systems used for heating and cooling, heat output and heat quantity can be determined by measuring the temperature and flow velocity at the pipeline.

The heat flow meters of the PCE-TDS 100 + series from PCE Instruments consist of an ultrasonic flow meter, the two-channel temperature data logger PCE-T330 and a software developed for heat quantity determination. You can calculate the heat quantity from the flow velocity, volume and temperature difference of the heat transfer medium.

Both the ultrasonic sensors and the temperature sensors are fixed quickly and easily to the pipes with Velcro fasteners. This enables quick and non-destructive measurements without time-consuming preparation. The measured values can be saved to the instrument or immediately transferred to a laptop on site. The software included in the scope of delivery clearly displays the measured data for the temperatures at the forward and reverse flow and the flow rate and the values for flow rate, heat output and heat quantity determined from these in both tabular and graphical form. If a computer is connected, the running time of the measurement is only limited by the memory capacity of the computer and the determined heat quantities can be compared, for example, with the fuel consumption for this period. If no laptop is available for direct transfer, up to 1,800 items of measuring data can be stored in the flow meter and up to 20,000 date items in the temperature data logger.

The device set PCE-TDS 100H+ contains one pair of ultrasonic sensors for pipe diameters from 50 to 700 mm, the set PCE-TDS 100HS+ comes with sensors for small pipe diameters from 20 to 108 mm and the set PCE-TDS HSH+ contains both sensor pairs. Each of the ultrasonic heat flow meter sets PCE-TDS 100 + is checked for its measuring accuracy and delivered with a current ISO calibration certificate.

For more information on ultrasonic flow meters from PCE Instruments, please go to https://www.pce-instruments.com/english/measuring-instruments/test-meters/ultrasonic-flow-meter-kat_152137.htm.

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