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Mumford & Wood Selected for Sarah Beeny’s ‘Double Your House’ TV Series


Timber windows and doors from Mumford & Wood’s Conservation™ range have been installed in a 200-year-old cottage as featured in property make-over guru Sarah Beeny’s ‘Double Your House for Half the Money’.

The property was of single skin brick structure and had little or no insulation, single glazed timber windows with secondary glazing, and just enough room to accommodate a family of four. Their priorities were to dramatically increase the size of the property, which they had purchased for £400,000 in 2006, to accommodate aging parents, improve the thermal efficiency of the property and address the draughty, ill fitting, condensation-soaked windows with high performance replacements.

M&W2As the property is adjacent to the busy Macclesfield to Knutsford M6 route, and is also affected by aircraft noise, the owners – Mark and Rebecca Ridley – were intent on installing triple glazed windows. Ms Beeny, renown for her love of repair and renovation, set up an extensive test at Salford University where the efficiency of building materials and systems are analysed. In simulation, a single glazed window with a secondary glazing unit was tested against a triple glazed unit. The outcome was marginally in favour of the original combination due to the 125mm space between the two glazed units which acts as a sound barrier.

With the help of Mumford & Wood’s technical team, the couple settled on a double glazed system with an acoustic glazing option. The bespoke schedule included 16 flush casements, a six-leaf bi-fold door, two sets of four-panel French doors and a solid timber entrance door. Windows to the street elevation were adapted to accommodate 27mm double glazed units made up of 6mm and 8mm laminated sound control inner and outer glass panes which achieve an acoustic rating of 40dB. This compares with a standard casement from the Mumford & Wood range of 34dB. Windows and doors were finished in RAL7046 Telegray.

Products in the award-winning Conservation™ range have an established reputation for authentic heritage design characteristics that, when combined with modern manufacturing processes, achieve aesthetically beautiful, high performance fenestration solutions. The company uses only clear-grade engineered timber, which provides strength and stability, eliminating warping and sticking frequently associated with timber, and offers an average of a 60-year life.

The Ridley’s added a massive 123m² extension to their cottage while retaining the attractive beams and other architectural details in the original building, improved its thermal efficiency reducing energy consumption and CO₂ emissions, while road noise has been all but eliminated. The property has been valued at £800,000 and has achieved the goals and aims of the programme producers. Ms Beeny concedes that the Ridley’s new Mumford & Wood bespoke windows “Do look smart and beautiful.”

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