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All aboard the Trend Subway for style


The term ‘Subway tile’ has been around since 1904, when classic, white ceramic tiles were used to adorn New York subway stations. Just like many design originals, this style is now resurfacing with a twist, Italian tilemaker Trend’s new Subway collection offering a variety of fashionable colours and unique pattern choices, bringing Metro chic to the living room, hallway, dining area, bathroom and kitchen.

Produced in the characteristically chunky 3” x 6” (7.5 x 15cm) rectangular format, Trend’s Subway introduces the contemporary appeal of hand-crafted glass mosaic and the distinctive note of Italian decorative design, to a much-loved traditional tile. Glass is generally less absorbent, more durable, sunlight resistant and aesthetically pleasing than ceramic and Trend has exploited these characteristics with natural shading variations, different corrugated and smooth finishes, and the option of a matt or mirror reflective finish applied to the reverse. Colours are drawn from the world of international fashion, offering a choice of Amber, Bronzite, Diamond, Honey, Noir, Onyx, Opal and Pearl.
“The Subway tile is a standard in American design and over the last century it has been used in countless locations around the world,” says Trend GB Sales Manager, Jose Fiallegas Hamp. “By offering a variety of colours, textures and reflective effects, our Subway collection provides a modern interpretation of this classic format, which is perfect for any room in the house or commercial property. From a kitchen splashback or shower liner to an accent wall in a lounge, office or restaurant, the decorative applications are endless.”

Subway is hand cut from Trend’s exquisite Karma through-bodied coloured glass, which is reminiscent of stained glass seen in church windows, and the large 3” x 6” size perfectly demonstrates the beauty of this material. Karma is formed by hand into large sheets, the process of folding and tempering creating deep lines within the body of the glass, giving rise to natural veining. With Subway, each colour comes in a choice of surface finishes, either the smooth look of liquid glass or gently rippled corrugations, which can be alternated to produce contrasting iridescent textures.

Trend 2To add an extra aesthetic dimension, a matt silver epoxy finish is applied to the reverse of the glass, transmitting light back through the body colour for a luminescent effect, with the more reflective option of a mirror-backed finish in synthetic white gold. The latter, known as Subway Mirage tiles, are available in four colours, Amber, Bronzite, Diamond and Onyx, and typically used as accent pieces.

The final step in this essentially artisan process is hand forming the individual tiles by expert glass cutters, ensuring that no two pieces are precisely the same. Allied to this time-honoured technique is the use of recycled material in line with today’s ecological concerns, Subway being produced from up to 75% post-consumer recovered glass.

All the painstaking work that goes into making Subway tiles is a reflection of true Italian craftsmanship, offering pride in ownership like no other glass mosaic and giving clients a distinctive story to tell. Subway tiles can be installed horizontally, vertically or in any other patterns and are supplied individually 22 pieces (2.75 sq ft/0.255m²) to the box, with Subway Mirage packed in tens (1.25 sq ft/0.116m²). Both come in 50/50 quantities of smooth and corrugated finishes and are priced from £336 per square metre for Subway and £385/m² for Subway Mirage.

For further information and nearest approved stockist, telephone 0800 044 5395 or contact Trend GB, 28 Decimus Park, Kingstanding Way, Tunbridge Wells TN2 3GP, email info-gb@trend-group.com.