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Roofing & Cladding

Museum of Transport and Travel, Glasgow


A modified Bilco E-50T roof access hatch has been installed at the new Riverside Museum, Scotland’s Museum of Transport and Travel in Glasgow. The aluminium, single leaf, thermally enhanced roof access hatch was modified by Bilco to fit the 46 degree pitched roof of the striking work of modern architecture. Alongside this, two modified Bilco REM single leaf smoke vents were installed as part of the £74 million development.

The lead designer on this project was Paul Foster of Varla UK Ltd, who, having previously used Bilco’s products and exemplary service, chose them again for their reliability – and wasn’t disappointed.

Installed for the purpose of routine cleaning and maintenance, the Bilco roof access hatch allows personnel, regardless of size, the ability to open and close it with ease thanks to the compression spring operators that allow one-hand operation. However, at the same time it is internally reinforced for 195 kg/m2 live load. To ensure safe egress, a hold open arm locks the cover in an open position and a grip handle allows for easy, one-hand release closing. Bilco has also incorporated its new thermal enhancement design elements such as special gasketting and increased insulation for superior energy efficiency and performance.

The two automatic REM smoke vents are reinforced for 195 kg/m2 live load and 97 kg/m2 wind uplift, along with control panels and smoke detectors. These smoke vents automatically open to 140 degrees upon smoke detection and in the unfortunate event of a fire would help keep a fire under control by removing smoke, heat and noxious gases.

The magnificent building is made up of three interwoven galleries clad in 24,000 zinc tiles. All the Bilco products had to be modified for the Riverside Museum due to the building’s constructional challenges. As well as overcoming these challenges, Bilco had to ensure that the security and weather tight requirements were still met, so both products feature fully welded corners on cover and curb, full insulation and rubber gaskets. Both the roof access hatch and the smoke vents are made with corrosion resistant materials, teamed with heavy gauge construction. A positive latching mechanism on the roof hatch ensures a trouble free, long lasting product that preserves the building’s overall security.

Bilco’s excellent products and friendly service have been used in many other large projects, such as the King’s Cross Station renovation. The robust, quality manufacturing that is the Bilco trademark makes its products a reliable asset to many spectacular buildings.