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Residential Safety Update from Kidde Fyrnetics


The latest issue of ‘Residential Safety Update’ – looking in-depth at topical issues surrounding fire and carbon monoxide safety in housing – has just been published by Kidde Fyrnetics, the world’s largest smoke, heat and CO alarm manufacturer.

Intended for social housing providers, house-builders, specifiers, electrical installers, landlords, fire brigades and all those involved with safe housing, Residential Safety Update covers a wide range of subjects of particular importance today around the UK and Eire. In this issue we look at the continuing growth of Regulations demanding carbon monoxide alarms. Initiatives by both Red Kite Community Housing and Glasgow Housing Association are discussed, which aim to make sure all their properties have the best long-term protection with Kidde’s latest 10LLCO – the very first battery carbon monoxide alarms with a full 10-year guarantee covering both alarm and sealed-in lithium battery.

The 2013 updates to the Code of Practice for smoke and heat alarms are also explained and a case study illustrates how a leading specialist student housing provider took an exemplary approach to tenant safety by installing Kidde Fyrnetics hard-wired smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms, exceeding local authority requirements. We cover research by South Yorkshire FRS that highlights fires where smoke alarms were fitted but not working, because the battery was missing or flat or the alarm was faulty or had been removed. To help counter these issues, the fire service now fits Kidde’s TEN-4 smoke alarms with a 10-year life.

Alongside news and case studies, this issue also showcases the latest Kidde product developments with smoke, heat and CO alarms – whether hard-wired or sealed-in long-life, battery ranges. And new sources of information are reviewed with on-line videos covering wireless smoke/heat alarm installation and carbon monoxide issues, as well as an updated edition of Kidde’s comprehensive ‘Fire & CO Safety in Housing’ Guide.

Residential Safety Update is available free of charge as a PDF download from https://tinyurl.com/ljw454f. For the latest information on domestic fire and CO safety, and ll Kidde Fyrnetics products, visit www.smoke-alarms.co.uk