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Maruyama is launching a new power tool for spring and summer says its UK importer. The Maruyama BCV5020 50CC Semi Clearing Brush Cutter will be available through Leicestershire-based DMMP Ltd.

“Maruyama is a company which constantly develops its techniques and ideas,” explains DMMP managing director Marcus Palmer. “This latest model benefits from their fastidious strive for excellence as it exceeds the company’s already high standards of technology, performance and design.”

The ultra lightweight BCV5020 has a new anti-vibration system, which uses oversized volumetric anti-vibration dampers, located in tandem on the front side and the engine side. The round shape of the vibration damper is streamline and compact for smooth operation.

It also has a new gear case. The revised-size gear wheel provides more durability than conventional brushcutters and a pressed gear blade shaft for reducing backlash. The inside gear case has improved machining accuracy, and the blade shaft angle has been revised to 60 degrees (55 is conventional for brush cutters).

The BCV5020 has a useful tool-free handle adjustment: the central wing nut enables easy adjustment without the use of tools. For transportation and space-saving storage, the handle can be rotated 90 degrees.


Maruyama NE engines are engineered with high compression ratio (7.5) resulting in higher torque and power. Optimised intake, transfer and exhaust port timing contributes to delivering optimum power and efficiency, as does the shape of the port itself. The cylinder is precision machined to exacting tolerances after the chroming process, all sharp edges around the ports are relieved to prevent piston damage, and the base of the cylinder is chamfered to allow for easy installation of the piston. The cylinder is made of chrome-impregnated aluminum, which is machined to exacting tolerances for the greatest durability and highest performance. Finally, it is polished to a smoother finish than conventional honed chrome.

Maruyama drive shafts are precision manufactured of high-carbon steel, and polished for low drag and less vibration. Six durable pre-lubricated bronze bushings support the drive shaft to reduce wear, vibration and power loss.

The Maruyama range includes hedge trimmers and brush cutters, multicutter systems, edgers, blowers, long reach hedge trimmers and accessories.

In field trials, at a Manchester BMX park in heavy rain and sunny conditions, the new model performed well.  The operator reported that he “…  found the machine to be very good. Replacing the line is a lot easier and quicker than other makes and models currently used. The machine started on the first pull of the pull cord almost every time, when it did not, it started on the second. The machine powered through the material being cut very impressively; sometimes other makes of brush cutter, when cutting the length of grass being cut, clog up with the grass wrapping itself round the cutting head, but this did not happen with the Maruyama.”

“This is an excellent, hardworking power tool,” concludes Marcus “representing a good value, quality investment. We’re delighted to be able to handle its UK launch, and we know it will be well received by gardening and landscaping professionals.”

For advice or to learn more about Maruyama,  please call 0845 643 9776 or visit www.dmmp.co.uk