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Timber & Timber Frames

Specify Timber Treatments the Easy Way


Lonza Wood Protection has recently compiled two new NBS Plus Product Specifications, to help construction professionals specify its wide range of timber treatments with ease and precision.

Since 2010, Lonza has pursued and developed a number of initiatives that will aid specifiers interested in utilising both Lonza’s preservative and fire retardant treatments. An array of technical information, CPD content, product guides, case studies and specification tools are available from a number of sources, including Lonza’s website, available at www.lonzawood.com.

All of Lonza’s treatment options are featured within NBS Create, allowing the specifier to instantly copy and paste predefined information into their specifications. NBS is not only a time saver, but also provides assurance that a credible and third-party tested treatment has been itemised at the beginning of the development process.

Lonza’s NBS portfolio now includes a conjoined Non-Com Exterior and Drywood Woodstain specification clause for specifiers searching for an external fire retardant treatment for wood with a warrantied coating system under NBS Z12. Drywood Woodstain, available in a variety of translucent, semi-opaque and opaque colour options, is also available as a standalone specification clause under NBS M60.

Jacqui Hughes, Lonza Wood Protection’s UK Fire Retardant Sales Manager, has worked closely with a number of organisations to ensure that Lonza offers an unrivalled specification service for those interested in specifying timber treatments. “We had read a lot of research indicating that specifiers rely heavily on product manufacturers’ websites and other digital resources to complete their research prior to specifying particular products or treatments”, says Jacqui.

She continued, “It appears that specifiers prefer to receive information from the ‘horse’s mouth’, which is why we have made our treatments more transparent, ensuring they feature on a number of online directories as well as our own website. Lonza has also launched Twitter and Facebook accounts and a YouTube channel, increasing the number of ways that specifiers can communicate with us and gain specification advice”.