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New in the DG Fires range: insert wood fires with fan-assisted convection


DG Fires is the brand name for the wood burning stoves and fires produced by DRU, Europe’s leading manufacturer of contemporary fires and fireplaces.

Recently launched under the DG brand is a new collection of wood fire inserts with built-in ventilators, providing fan-assisted convection to boost the performance of the fires.

The new Instyle and Prostyle V models are designed to be installed into an existing brick chimney or connected to a steel flue. In addition to the radiant heat generated by the burning logs, the home owner can activate the ventilator in order to heat up the room more quickly and enhance the comfort of the fire.

The ventilator generates warm air, which is distributed through the openings in the front of the fire. There are four adjustable ventilator settings and the mechanism is powered by a 12v electrical connection.Prostyle 600 V_rt

The new models have the option of external air connection, which facilitates cleaner wood burning and an energy efficiency rating of more than 80%. They also have been awarded DEFRA approval for use in UK urban smokeless zones, making them amongst the most environmentally friendly wood fires in the country.

DG Instyle V Models have a traditional insert fire design, whilst the Prostyle V models have screen-printed glass borders, creating a more subtle visual effect. The fires range in size from 600 to 1000 mm wide, and there are two types of optional outer frames, Classic Line and Modern Line, which lend the fires a more distinctive look.

Finally, all elements of the fires are easily accessible for routine cleaning and maintenance.

DG Instyle and Prostyle V models are available from specialist fireplace retailers throughout the UK. For more information, visit:  www.dgfires.co.uk