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New Fakro ‘Z-wave’ electronically operated windows


FAKRO’s ‘Z-wave’ FTP-V and FTU-V Electro centre pivot roof windows utilise a wireless communication protocol based on a low-power radio frequency embedded or retrofitted into devices. The natural and white PU-coated pine windows can be used in conjunction with blinds and household appliances from over 200 manufacturers including those manufactured by Apple, Intel, Panasonic, Danfoss heating systems and GEC.

A range of single and multi-channel wall keyboards and programmable remote controls is available giving users scope to create their own systems with a virtually unlimited range, all from a single chip.

The ZWK1 single-channel keyboard controls either a window, external roller shutter awning blind or internal blind. The ZWG1 wireless touch keyboard offers similar characteristics but using a keypad in stylish toughened glass. Both have equivalent multi-channel options.

The ZWPTV is the ultimate multi-channel remote which can operate up to 36 receivers separately and many more in groups. It has a display screen which provides information about items in use and can also operate infra-red RTV devices.

The ZWMP weather module provides scope to automatically close windows if weather conditions change. Signals are detected by rain or wind sensors connected to the device.