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New Kingshield Led Fitting Offers Maintenance Free Exit Light


GreenBrook Electrical has added to the choice of exit lights “_GoBack”it offers to customers with the addition of the new KingShield LED Exit Light to its range.

A low energy, easy-to-install unit, the new Kingshield LED Exit Light comes complete with four legends (right, left, down and up) and has key hole slots on the reverse for easy wall mounting with just a pair of screws. Suitable for installation as either a maintained or non-maintained fitting, the unit offers three-hour emergency operation with a total service life of up to 50,000 hours when used as a maintained fitting.

Combining high brightness of at least 200 candela per m2 with a lightweight unit, the new KingShield LED Exit Light has a high quality plastic casing and requires only a small battery pack to power the low energy LED light source, keeping the fitting’s weight to a minimum. The attractive, slimline unit operates at just 5W (compared to 8W for a standard T5 fluorescent tube fitting) and its long service life means that it is maintenance free.

Comments John Bowen, Sales Director from GreenBrook: “GreenBrook has embraced the many advantages of LED technology as part of our product development programme and has introduced several LED products to our range over the past few months to provide greater choice, energy efficiency and low maintenance benefits to our customers and the end user. We will continue to offer a full range of exit lights but the new KingShield LED Exit Light will provide a great option for those looking for a lower energy, lower maintenance unit with the quality that they can trust from GreenBrook.”