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World’s first purpose built tidal lagoon


The formal consultation process has started on the world’s first purpose built tidal lagoon for Swansea Bay, with public exhibitions taking place at 18 locations around the Swansea Bay area from 4th July to 5th August.

The proposed tidal lagoon will have a rated capacity of 240 Megawatts (MW), generating 400GWh net annual output. This is enough electricity for approximately 121,000 homes. In addition to generating electricity, the £650 million development will also provide visitor facilities and other amenities including art, education, mariculture and sporting/recreational facilities. The seawall is expected to be open to the public during daylight hours for walking, running, cycling etc, though access will be controlled inextreme weather.

LDA Design, the project masterplanners and landscape architects for Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon, has completed the coordination of exhibition material for the public exhibitions. As part of the formal consultation for the proposed Development Consent Order (DCO) application by Tidal Lagoon (Swansea Bay) plc (TLSB), a new, virtual 3D programme has been prepared, which shows the proposed lagoon in the context of Swansea Bay.

The 3D programme has been developed by iCreate in collaboration LDA Design and the project marine engineers, Atkins. The interactive fly-through takes viewers on a journey of discovery, bringing the proposed lagoon to life. It is available to view or download at www.tidallagoonswanseabay.com.

Head of Planning for TLSB, Alex Herbert says: “Working with our partners LDA Design and Atkins, iCreate has developed this fantastic addition to our formal consultation tools. The lagoon is shown to scale, along with our latest concepts for supporting development including a visitor and boating centre. This tool will help people to experience and understand the lagoon proposals as accurately as possible, so their feedback can help us to develop a truly world-class facility. All feedback from consultation will be taken into account as we move towards making a planning application later this year. The concepts are exciting but we hope the reality will be even more inspiring.”

The 3D virtual programme shows views of the proposed development from anywhere in the Swansea Bay area; in both daylight and darkness, and at high and low tide. It also includes information on the amenities that will be provided including walkways, visitor centres and sporting facilities.

Alister Kratt, Partner of LDA Design, said: “The formal consultation process forms an important part of the DCO application and provides a clear explanation of a project that we are proud to be associated with. As the project develops, the opportunities that the masterplan provides should secure significant benefits for Swansea, including the completion of an attractive marine park which extends into the bay.”