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Heating & Ventilation

New Radiant Heating CPD from HCP receives RIBA approval


HCP, a division of SAS International, is pleased to announce that it has produced a new RIBA-accredited CPD on Water-based Radiant Heating Solutions.

The CPD seminar covers the benefits of specifying Radiant Heating systems which meet energy efficiency demands. The presentation also looks at the standards relating to Radiant Heating including their contribution towards BREEAM and LEED compliance.

SAS2A Radiant Heating system, such as those manufactured by HCP, offers quicker heat up times and smaller plant demands, as approximately one seventh of the amount of water is used than in a traditional radiator system. Further energy efficiencies can be achieved with room zoning, resulting in only occupied areas being heated. The energy efficient Radiant Heating solution from HCP also meets the requirements of Part L.

Locating a heating system in the ceiling also offers the major advantage of freeing up valuable floor and wall space, leading to an increase of up to 10% in the net useable floor area.

HCP is the specialist heating division of SAS International. For over 30 years HCP has delivered new and innovative radiant and convective heating solutions. The HCP range of heating products offers an efficient, low maintenance and fully recyclable space heating solution.

You can book a CPD by emailing cpd@hcp-sasint.co.uk or calling 0118 929 0900.