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Uniform Architectural Ltd has launched uni_one® Termoscudo, its most energy efficient window system so far. Termoscudo benefits from sleek aesthetic design details as part of the uni_one® range with additional technology that greatly improves its thermal insulation capabilities to certify it to Passiv Haus standards by achieving a heat loss ‘U’ value of 0.79 W/m2K.

The advanced engineering design also improves acoustic insulation giving the window system a value of up to 43 rw (dB) providing increased comfort for the occupants. The discrete Termoscudo technology is inserted between the wood and aluminium frames causing no disturbance to the aesthetics and very little visual obstruction for the users while achieving extremely low thermal transmittance values.

Passiv Haus is an internationally accepted assessment tool that sets the standards for components to enable buildings to reduce the need for space heating and cooling to eventually achieve zero carbon emissions. The 44 mm thick triple glazing acts to limit heat loss through the window, while the width of the sash and frame are minimal to allow the windows to harmonise with the architectural design of the building.

The environmentally sustainable manufacturing of Uniform Architectural products is carried into the Termoscudo window system and the rest of the uni_one® range. The wood featured on the inside of the window is sourced from sustainably controlled forests and is produced using timber engineering and veneer technology allowing optimal use of the tree.

The Techno-Oak frames are innovatively produced by a system of finger joints that creates the parquet effect that in turn stabilises windows, particularly larger frames, as it helps to avoid the natural tensions present in solid wood. An aged effect can be applied to the Techno-Oak that gives it an ‘olde-worlde’ charm and is achieved by using special abrasive brushes which remove the softer wood between the hard grain of oak, giving the wood more depth and character.

The outside of the window systems are made of re-cycled aluminium which can easily be re-cycled again and due to the high quality protection from the factory applied powder coating paint system, the exterior aluminium on uni_one® windows requires minimal maintenance and provides excellent resistance to water, sea spray and air-borne pollutants. The final painting is done after welding to ensure perfectly sealed corners, which are completely protected by the paint, improving not only the aesthetics but also the durability of the windows.

The new uni_one® Termoscudo window system along with the rest of the uni_one® range is featured in Uniform Architectural’s new brochure ‘uni_one®, The Contemporary Window’, is available on request.

Further information is available from Uniform Architectural Ltd on 0117 959 6456 email:  enquiries@uniform-arch.co.uk  or by visiting the company’s website at www.uniform-arch.co.uk

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