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New wood burner from Eurostove


The new Westfire Uniq 33 wood burning stove from Eurostove is a handsome and sleek design that sits above floor level to give a warm visual aspect of the fire and also project the heat more efficiently into the central airspace of the room.

Eurostove say that it’s important to choose the positioning of the Uniq 33 to create a focal point and also appreciate the glass side panels with dark glass at the base and clear glass at the top so the flames and illumination can be seen from three aspects.

As opposed to open fires, wood burning stoves deliver 80% efficiency with only 20% of the heat vented through the chimney – the opposite performance statistics to an open fire.

Further efficiencies can be achieved by burning dried or kiln dried indigenous and sustainable hardwoods like beech, birch or larch when a moisture content of 20% can be achieved.

The Uniq 33 is a beautiful feature for any living area in the home – both traditional or contemporary. Its tall, elegant design gives a comfortable view of the flames and creates a special ambiance.

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