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One Angel Square alight with latest technologies


At One Angel Square, Manchester, stands the landmark building that houses the Co-operative Group’s new headquarters. Striking in its architecture, it is an expression of the Co-op’s values and commitment to the environment: it is a statement for sustainability. The Co-op’s leadership in green architecture is supported by Luxonic Lighting, a leader in quality LED and interior lighting solutions across the architectural and commercial markets. The UK manufacturer has provided over 11,000 luminaires throughout the office and communal areas in the headquarters.

One Angel Square is the UK’s first outstanding BREEAM-rated building, designed to halve the current energy usage of the Co-op headquarters. The use of pioneering sustainable technology in the new building reduces carbon consumption by around 80 percent and significantly reduces energy costs for the company. Luxonic, through its own commitment to the environment in the design and manufacture of its luminaires, contributes to the energy efficiency of the Manchester building whilst providing a solution that integrates effortlessly with its architectural character.

luxonic co-op2Approximately 8,000 of Luxonic’s luminaires used throughout the headquarters are bespoke, designed specifically for One Angel Square to integrate with the chilled beam system in both the office and meeting spaces. The unobtrusive nature of the linear luminaires gives these working spaces a contemporary and stylish feel, in keeping with the Co-op’s status as a forward-thinking company. The Luxonic Flat-Lens FPO luminaires use a micro-prismatic lens to control light in the offices whilst maintaining high levels of efficiency. The slim beams include a directional uplight component that emphasises the clean lines of the coffered ceiling and also reduces the amount of light spill behind the chilled beam.

Luxonic LED downlighters are mounted within bespoke rafts throughout the reception area and the café. With an expected life span of 50,000 hours the Luxonic V-LED® 100 are powerful fixed recessed luminaires supplied with DALI dimmable control gear. This enables the lighting to be controlled according to daylight and occupancy levels, furthering its energy efficiency.

V-LED® 200s light the ancillary areas at One Angel Square. These have been designed with the visual aesthetic of the luminaire in mind, as well as glare control and the shape of the intensity distribution. A specialist light engine from Luxonic manages the brightness of the LED while a satin diamond faceted reflector is an option to further control the luminaire luminance. This management of luminance quality results in a more visually comfortable environment for the users of the headquarters.

Invited to work on the project by Rotary North West and BAM construction due to previous success on high-end projects, Luxonic worked closely with designers Burro Happold and architect 3D Reid throughout the detailed design stage and continued to project completion. The Luxonic luminaires offered the highest levels of efficiency on the market, and confirmed the company’s specification for the provision of the lighting.

Luxonic Lighting pioneers technologies in interior lighting design whilst considering the life cycle of a product from its concept through to its end-of-life. Luxonic’s sustainable approach ‘Eco-Design’ is an effective environmental management system that maintains performance and productivity whilst ensuring orientation and safety for the user. It allows customers and companies to purchase and use Luxonic products in an equally sustainable way. At One Angel Square this commitment to the environment contributes to the project’s overall goal of sustainability, and helps to enhance the Co-op’s green credentials through the high efficiency of every fitting.

Further information is available from Luxonic Lighting on 01256 363090, by emailing info@luxonic.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.luxonic.co.uk