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Odyssey LED: The Latest in Outdoor Illumination from GE Lighting


GE Lighting is expanding its range of outdoor LED luminaires with the Odyssey, a new controllable fitting that makes the superior quality, efficiency and reliability of GE LED luminaires available for a wide range of applications in streets, roads and beyond.

The new fixture offers a range of output levels, from 21 up to 72 Watts, and comes with an adjustable mounting to within plus/minus 15 degrees, making it an ideal luminaire for a variety of street and roadway applications, industrial estates and walkways, as well as parks and other residential areas. The Odyssey LED features attractive styling and its tool-less entry, as well as clip-in gear tray and pre-cabling options, allow for easy installation and mounting on side and post tops.

GEIn terms of optics, the Odyssey LED offers high photometric performance and IP66 protection for the optical and electrical compartment. GE has fitted the Odyssey LED with its unique reflective optical design system, which improves controllability and minimises glare while improving horizontal and vertical uniformity. The Odyssey LED offers a selection of control options, notably DALI, 0-10V, step dimming and photocell, and can be configured in a variety of combinations of wattages, optics and drivers. The new luminaire also features the latest in LED chip technology for improved performance and efficiency.

Benefitting from a service life of 50,000 hours, the maintenance requirements of the Odyssey are much lower than traditional streetlight solutions.This,combined with the low energy costs required to operate the luminaire, means the Odyssey LED offers an attractive return on investment. Like all of GE’s outdoor luminaires and technologies, this new product is based on rigorous testing, and can be offered as part of an end-to-end lighting solution including service and financing.

Mike Barrett, General Manager, Product Management for GE Lighting EMEA commented: “The Odyssey LED luminaire is the latest addition to our outdoor range of lighting solutions and is suitable for a range of applications from streets and roads to walkways and parks. Odyssey combines state of the art LED technology with low maintenance requirements, long service life and flexible mounting options, making it an ideal luminaire for a variety of settings.”


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