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Offering the finest range of pre coated cladding products


Vincent Timber works in partnership with various coating suppliers to provide the specifier with the option of retaining the texture and beauty of wood, while at the same time maintaining a colour which is sympathetic to the natural timber or providing a coating with extended maintenance periods.

Coatings applied in factory controlled conditions provide a quality of finish, which cannot be created so easily on site. Vincent Timber is able to provide translucent and opaque coatings on a wide variety of timber substrates, including some Fire Treated materials.

Factory coated timber makes it simpler, faster and easier to install on site regardless of weather conditions often resulting in significant cost savings for customers.

Two of our most popular factory coated claddings are:

Cape Cod

Cape Cod pre-coated wood cladding is part of family-owned and operated Marwood Ltd, a company that has been supplying the finest quality timber for three generations. Cape Cod finished wood cladding is natural, beautiful and proven. Cape Cod wood cladding is used by self-builders, developers and individuals on everything from private to commercial projects.

Why Cape Cod?

15 good reasons to choose wooden cladding by Cape Cod:

  • PEFC certified
  • Natural look
  • Proven resistance to all weather conditions
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Attractive standard colour range
  • Contributes to carbon neutral construction
  • Factory coated system with colour matched nails
  • Easy to install, only basic tools required
  • Complete system includes fascias, trims and corners
  • Colour matching service available from a wide choice
  • Coated with high performance PPG machine coat
  • Preservative treated timber
  • 100% usable
  • Wide range of profiles





The Company Vincent Timber is the UK’s sole distributor of Sivalbp, a modern production facility based in the South of France. The facility combines the latest technology in wood processing, with high quality pre-coating preparation and sophisticated environmentally friendly coating methods to produce a range of coated products that are both high performance and aesthetically pleasing. Many profiles can be secret fixed, avoiding visible nail heads and protecting the integrity of the coating. The company also supplies products for internal as well as external use and profiles can be supplied in a range of surface finishes including smooth, sanded, brushed, fine sawn and planed.

Why Sivalbp?

  • Benefit from the quality of fully factory applied coatings
  • Range of attractive profiles for all design requirements
  • Available from a range of durable species
  • Options include – pre-weathered grey, natural tone and fully opaque
  • Environmentally friendly coatings
  • Supplied with full chain of custody in PEFC & FSC (Species specific)
  • Available with textured surfaces or sanded (Species specific)
  • All profiles supplied end-matched for quicker installation and reduced material wastage
  • Coating warranty on opaque coated claddings
  • Superb packaging for product protection and handling
  • Minimal maintenance
  • 100% usable
  • Easy to install, basic tools required











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