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Office Design Trends 2017


It’s a new year with new office design trends! Workspaces are constantly changing with innovative ways of working and this time it is no different. Last year came the famous Google effect trend and the home office theme, but what does 2017 bring for the world of office design? Let’s find out!

Work Zones

Last year offices aspired for the open plan look and knocked down their office walls, however that made it difficult to work privately. Now businesses are looking into work zones, which separate the more social areas of the office from the privately engaged areas.


Customisable office design is a trend that started to develop last year, but this year it’s really taking off. Employees want to tailor their work experience to how they see fit, so office furniture that can be easily altered is a great way to allow your colleagues to choose their preferred working style. Height adjustable desks and ergonomic seating are just a couple of examples of customisable office elements.


This year there’s more of a focus on playing with your office colours effectively, mixing bright and bold with pastel colours rather than just splashing neon paint across the walls. Even Pantone has followed this year with their colour of the year ‘greenery’, which is a relatively pastel like colour.

The Tech Office

Technology has become more mobile over the years, to the point that we can actually build it into our own office furniture! Tech desking is perfect if your employees want to switch out their working styles from desktop to tablet and with cloud storage becoming a big thing they won’t even have to load their work up on a USB before they switch. This trend is great if you want to welcome the new generation into the workplace, as they’re well accustomed to new tech.

Workspace Culture

Developing an office culture has become a big thing in the world of the office, but what’s bigger is reflecting that through your office space. Let employees personalise their workstations and develop a brand identity through company signage and glass manifestations. Not only will you be able to reflect your culture but you’ll also be able to improve it.

The Home Office

We spend a large amount of our time in the office, so much so it’s practically a second home. The home office trend takes this idea and puts it into your office interiors, by incorporating little bits of home into your workspace.

Biophilic Design

rap-interiors-twitter-logoWith employees spending the majority of their day in the office and not getting out enough, it’s time to bring the outside in. Biophilic design focuses on bringing elements of nature into your space through: plants, living walls and natural lighting. It’s designed to reduce stress and boost productivity because of the connection to nature.

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