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Accessibility Bathrooms & Washrooms

On The Level – level access wetrooms


There are many practical reasons to install a wetroom, including providing safe showering for the elderly and for the less able. On The Level, UK manufacturer of patented underfloor wetroom shower trays, offers tailor-made level access wetroom solutions to provide safe and attractive showering options. For example, instead of a tiled floor a non-slip sheet vinyl can be installed to reduce the risk of slipping and safety can be further enhanced with accessories such as grab rails and a seat. Easy to install, these highly durable Birch ply trays are guaranteed for 25 years and are available in stock sizes or bespoke. The trays are supplied ready to lay on any substrate including timber, screed and floating floors.

For more information contact On The Level. Tel. 01525 373202 sales@onthelevel.co.uk