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Energy Conservation Heating & Ventilation

Secondary Comprehensive School Compton Downs, Oxfordshire


A range of ETC static and ETS dynamic panel heaters were installed in two classroom blocks at The Downs School in Compton, to replace an inefficient and energy wasting system.

Running through a centrally controlled system, the ETC heaters provide a constant temperature of 18 degrees celsius, with the option to boost this up to 21 degrees celsius through an ETS heater installed in each room. The central control means that classroom occupants cannot tamper with the heating.

Stuart Doggrell, National Account Manager for Stiebel Eltron UK, explained: “The specification wasto replace direct acting panel heaters that were left permanently on, with people in the classroom able to turn the heating up as high as they wished. If it got too hot, windows were opened to dissipate the heat, therefore wasting energy and money.

“The school wanted the classrooms at a constant 18 Degrees Celsius, but with the option to boost it up to 21. The solution to this was to use the ETC static heaters to provide the bulk of the heating, while the ETS dynamic could be used to provide the boost if needed.

“We worked closely with the consultants Pro-Air Ltd in Reading to come up with this system – originally we looked at using just the ETS heaters, but by combining them with the ETC heaters we could offer a more cost effective solution.

“Our product mix fitted the bill and we could show demonstrable running cost savings. In addition, the individual heater controls could be isolated and controlled via a central thermostat and time clock as fitted by the main contractor Scottish &Southern Energy.

“This was all connected to a Stiebel Eltron EAC4 weather compensator with back-charge. This calculates how many hours the panels need to charge, giving access to heat when it is needed and thus conserving energy. The weather probe is mounted on a north facing wall to give accurate results.This gives a potential saving of around 15% compared to standard automatic storage heaters.”