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Oversized Wall Clocks


When it comes to filling this large empty wall space most people think about large paintings or mirrors. At Peak Art we want to show you that you can achieve most beautiful wall decorations by using our oversized wall clocks. We have a large selection of skeleton timepieces that are all handmade from wood and hand painted. Unlike their cheap counterparts that are all made in factories, the clocks from Peak Art provide the perfect “wow” effect and impress with uniqueness.

Whether  you are looking for stylish shabby chic clocks or the most remarkable large wall clock for living room you are in the right place. We are the first company in the World that have designed a large roman numeral wall clock cut out of single panel of pine wood. While our competitors focus on cutting the cost and competing on price, we invest time in uniqueness and quality.

Last month we added more industrial clocks to enhance our collection. This trend in interior designs exposes metal elements and sharp, rough edges. We think that by following the trendiest designs we can help you find a perfect fit for your preference.

Website: peakart.co.uk

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