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Oxley’s Furniture – sustainable outdoor furniture designed for your project


Each piece of furniture made in Oxley’s Gloucestershire based factory is specific to each particular project, bespoke to customer requirements. Oxley’s furniture is specified to clients, to fit their plans.

For over 30 years Oxley’s have been manufacturing aluminium furniture in the most sustainable way possible, using only recycled aluminium.

Each piece of Oxley’s furniture will once have been an aluminium drinks can, an alloy wheel or part of an airplane. Recycling aluminium uses 95% less energy than making it new from ore.

Not only is Oxley’s the most sustainable option, it is also completely maintenance free. Each piece is made in such a way that it can withstand even the worst weather conditions, year around. Constructed to last generations, years later it will look as good as it did when you first specified it.

In the move to becoming a truly circular business, Oxley’s offers a unique buy back guarantee. Once customers have owned their furniture for 12 months, Oxley’s guarantee to buy it back from them for half the original purchase price. Meaning specifying our furniture is completely risk free.

Orders for Oxley’s come in all shapes and sizes, from small balcony sets to furniture settings for the outdoor areas of 5-star hotels, delivered all over the world. And for anything in between. Every set is completely unique, made to any colour scheme with an endless range of fabrics to choose from.

The perfect outdoor furniture solution for your outdoor space, made with sustainability in mind.

Contact details are:
Phone: 01386 701 894
Email: info@oxleys.com
Website: www.oxleys.com