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Party Rings flooring, 2 Sisters Food Group


Flooring that looks good enough to eat has been created by the experts at Tarkett after the team worked a Party Rings biscuit design into the floor of a café. Commissioned by 2 Sisters Food Group, owner of the Fox’s Party Rings brand, the design brings a whole new meaning to the idea of enjoying tea and biscuits.

The colourful pink and orange biscuits, a favourite at children’s parties, have been recreated by Tarkett’s Floorcraft Design team and each measure 2.5 metres in diameter. Sonic cutting equipment was used to create the flooring, made using Tarkett’s iQ Eminent vinyl range, ensuring the designs fitted perfectly and appeared seamless. Samantha Jones, Head of Tarkett’s Floorcraft Design Service, was responsible for the project.

She said: “This bright and colourful floor looks fantastic and we’re extremely proud of the result. “It’s simple, but effective, and shows off the variety of designs that can be created when compared to less accurate water jet systems.” The sonic blade used to create the flooring oscillates at 20,000 cycles per second creating a precision cut which can produce details as small as 3mm in diameter.

Samantha said: “We can be incredibly accurate and because of this can create almost anything. Designers come to us with all sorts of ideas and fulfilling them is a challenge we enjoy.” Tarkett’s iQ Eminent vinyl range is made using a minimum of 25% recycled content and is 100% recyclable. iQ Eminent vinyl also includes Tarkett’s Unique Surface Restoration technology.

This innovative technology produces a glasshard surface that requires only dry buffing to regenerate its original appearance. This means it requires no wax or polish and reduces maintenance time. It also saves money on expensive, environmentally harmful cleaning materials. Two Sisters Food Group, which employs 24,000 people across 47 UK and seven European sites, commissioned the flooring for the renovation of an employee café in their Birmingham headquarters.

Nick Murray, Head of Communications at 2 Sisters Food Group, said: “The designs are colourful and energetic. They spark conversations between anyone who sees them and are a lot of fun – just the way Party Rings should be. We’re extremely pleased with the result.”

Tarkett’s iQ Eminent vinyl is one of five designs in the multipurpose iQ range. The design of each range is slightly different and all come in variety of colours. Steve Urwin, Tarkett UK Marketing Manager, said: “The designs created by our Floorcarft team show their creativity and the versatility of the Tarkett product. The result looks fantastic and the feedback from the client has been extremely positive.”