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The awning model markilux 970 is available with a new lighting system and now in a non-colour look

The cassette awning markilux 970 has been on the market since 2017. With its angular shape, it reflects the style of puristic architecture. The linear design of the model is now accompanied by an entirely neutral colour range of both frame and front styling panel. The new accentuated lighting in the cassette has a reserved, modern look.

Simple, straightforward design has been setting the tone for furniture and architecture for years now. It is part of a style that expresses itself with geometric shapes. “We are living in an age in which function and the ‘matter-of-fact’ shape our thinking. That is seen in many areas, including in how we live and the way we furnish our homes. People are looking for colours that range anywhere from bright to subdued as well as for simple shapes,” says Michael Gerling, Director of R&D and Production at markilux. The awning model 970 fits precisely into this style with its angular design which perfectly suits modern, cubic architecture.

Subdued colours accentuate the matter-of-fact style

To accentuate the straightforward design of the awning even more discreetly, the colour range of all components has now been limited to non-colour tones. “There used to be the front styling panel not only in the seven lounge colours of the frame but also in vibrant colours. But here we are now also using frame colours that range from white through beige to grey, anthracite and brown. That gives the awning a business-like/elegant touch,” stresses Michael Gerling, adding: “The colours of the cassette and front styling panel can be combined as desired. Then there are also three new anodised colours with a brushed, slightly textured look in silver, light bronze and black.” There are also awning covers coordinated with the anodised colours in the company’s current cover collection. This also serves to underline the business-like / straightforward style of the awning.

New LED light fits in with the minimalist look

Mr Gerling is quick to point out that the new lighting system fits in here too. It is attached as a slimline LED line in a multifunctional groove under the cassette. Alternatively, depending on the measurements of the awning, LED spots can also be attached under the housing. Both lighting elements can be dimmed using io radio technology. They throw an accentuating light onto the façade and the awning frame which, due to the special fixture method using the “OSCAR” spigot technology, is flush with the wall of the house, a further aspect which fits in with the minimalist look of the model. Since 2017, the markilux 970 has also grown in stature. With an extension of three metres, a width of up to six metres is now possible. When the extension is three and a half metres, the width is still a maximum of five metres. According to Michael Gerling, this slimline awning is therefore still perfect for larger patios and balconies.

The referral link is: https://www.markilux.com/en-gb/project

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