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Hortology offers a wide variety of plants and planters designed for corporate, commercial and private client use throughout the UK.

Our aim is to deliver exceptional indoor plants and planters that enhance wellbeing in offices, hotels, restaurants, leisure and residential spaces. We provide architects and interior designers with the materials needed to create stunning plant looks.

With our products, you can quickly, easily, and efficiently elevate your space with the power of plants.


Adding plants to the design vision for your project is more than a finishing touch.

The evidence supporting biophilic design is clear, demonstrating its ability to enhance air quality, boost wellbeing and productivity, and increase customer satisfaction.

Incorporating greenery to follow initiatives from the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) and building certification schemes, such as BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) demonstrates thoughtful design and project excellence.

We have helped hundreds of corporate clients to achieve these benefits while transforming sterile venues and workspaces into lush jungles that breathe life.


Hortology has been supplying leading businesses in a diverse range of industries since our inception. Trusted to deliver premium quality plants and planters to more than 300,000 corporate and private clients all over the UK. If you have a plant project, we can deliver.

Easy Care Plants – Our HydroCare® plants are soil free. Which means there is no guesswork, just thriving easy care greenery to create stunning plant filled spaces.

Grown to be more resilient than soil-based plants with minimal maintenance requirements, meaning inhouse teams can easily care for them without the need for expensive outsourced maintenance contracts.

Easy Installation – Our ready-assembled plant displays give you wellbeing greenery without the hassles of assembly or major maintenance. Each plant display arrives planted up with an easy-care watering system for plant health, easy maintenance and out-of-the-box display readiness.

Fast Turnarounds – With hundreds of plant and planter combinations available on our website for direct ordering, we can meet most style briefs quickly with our simple click and order process. For larger or more bespoke projects our plant stylists are on hand to offer advice and suggestions.


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