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Spiralis Europe Ltd


Spiralis Europe Ltd stands at the forefront of acoustic design, offering innovative solutions that blend functionality with environmental consciousness.

We are proud to partner with Fantoni to introduce the 4akustik panel, an innovative acoustic solution that combines superior soundproofing with a sophisticated design, ideal for enhancing architectural spaces.

Fantoni, established in 1882, has been a pioneer in combining traditional craftsmanship with advanced manufacturing capabilities. Their commitment to producing complete products from raw material processing to finished goods ensures functional and visually appealing office solutions.

4akustik is based on Fantoni’s tried and tested high sound-deadening performance panel for excellent acoustic quality. 4akustik also conforms to the F4 star rating of the JIS standard, certified by the Japanese ministry and considered to be the most stringent in the world, relating to ultra-low formaldehyde content and therefore safeguarding the environment. A highly eco-compatible product, suitable for use in public environments where customers seek technical performance combined with sustainable solutions, without compromising on looks. 4akustik also has a class B-s1,d0 fire rating (EC classification). Like the other products in the Acoustic Panelling range, 4akustik has an attractive appearance, due also to the numerous decorative finishes available which add an extra visual dimension to acoustic comfort.

For professional consultations and detailed information on our acoustic solutions, please reach out to Jonny Jones, our Sales Manager, who will provide expert guidance tailored to your project’s specifications.

Jonny Jones Sales Manager


Tel: 0203 764 5151 Mob: 07919116119


Photo credits Fantoni and Spiralis Europe LTD