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Increased pressure on sports and leisure turf is expected late into this season many European travel corridors are closing, forcing golfers and other grass sports users to stay on home pitches and courses this autumn.

It’s a good opportunity for UK and Ireland’s domestic sports and leisure industry, with many venues trying to extend the season as long as possible to make up for lost revenues due to the local restrictions back in March and April.

To help turf with the extra wear expected later this year, UPL are offering two bespoke turf products for recovery of existing turf this year, and establishment of newly seeded areas.

For recovery and stress relief, UPL’s DOUBLE EDGE contains two complementary biostimulants for a dual mode of action.  GA142 and 18 vegetable amino acids work together to boost root growth and accelerate amino acid movement through the turf, enabling it to produce protein more quickly and recover faster from stress, wear and tear.

The GA142 active contained in DOUBLE EDGE is derived from sustainably sourced ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, hand harvested off the coast of Britany, France.  It is processed using a unique cold press extraction and concentration method so it can be applied at just 1L/ha which is a bonus, as it’s speedier to apply and less product to handle.

Following the extended season expected this year, there may be little time for renovation and re-seeding ready for next spring. TONIVIT contains GA142 with added trace elements and minerals such as phosphorus and potassium, which improves root access to water and nutrients giving managed grass a kick-start after seeding.The effect of TONIVIT on emergence speed is demonstrated through trials, which have shown that treated newly sown leys reach 70% sward density three weeks earlier than untreated. The product is also effective on newly laid turf.

Speciality and Amenity Crops Manager for UPL UK & Ireland, Stephen Olive, said: “That’s great news for if you’re wanting to create lush green spaces quickly in areas of high aesthetic value. And because the turf has an improved health status, it will be more resilient to potential traffic during its early stages, which will be prevalent in built-up or urban environments.”

Mr Olive added: “DOUBLE EDGE and TONIVIT are manufactured to the same standard as our traditional crop protection products.  They’re a natural and sustainable alternative that offer simple cost-effective benefits.”

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