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Plotter printer broken. What would you do?


First, let me introduce you to PlotBot
Plotbot is the specialist CAD printing division at The Wimbledon Print Company. It is fast becoming the go-to print service for architects and construction suppliers. It is the easiest, fastest & cheapest way to print your CAD plans.

So, back to that broken printer..
Ok. Well, maybe its not broken, maybe its just overloaded, maybe you have too many plans to print. What are you going to do?
Its simple really. Sign-up with us. We specialise in high volume plan-printing overflow work, freeing up your plotter & valuable staff time.

Simple ordering system
Our online ordering system is easy to use, our turnaround time is quick, we have a huge range of delivery options including same day, and our prices are the lowest around.

Experience counts
Our staff have over 20 years experience in the printing industry with significant experience in the technical print environment.

Latest Technology

We like to move with the times. Originally printing architectural drawings on now antiquated dyeline machines, we moved onto black and white plotters and now to modern colour CAD plan printers.

Cost Saving
We can save you money and time by using the PlotBot service. Still not sure? Then why not take advantage of our free audit service. We genuinely believe you will be surpised at how much you are spending.

Visit our website – www.plotbot.co.uk

for more infomation please email: steve@plotbot.co.uk